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But Cherry’s boyfriend is one of the socs, and their connection leads to a deadly encounter. " Pony then tells her a long story about how Johnny came to be hurt and scared.

" Cherry Valance The Outsiders.

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” (Page 38) This is Cherry Valance, talking with Ponyboy at the drive-in.


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Hinton, is a novel.

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The Outsiders.

By The Outsiders Cherry Quotes Outsiders Quotes Chapter 5 Ponyboy Quotes And Page Number Great Quotes From The Outsiders Looking For Alaska Quotes With Page Numbers The Outsiders Quotes.

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Cherry is shocked, but points out to him that not all Socs act that way, just like not all Greasers act like Dally.

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He is himself, and this.

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The Outsiders Ponyboy Direct Quotes With Page Numbers.


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He could never love Cherry Valance back.

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The Outsiders Pony And Cherry Movie Quotes Pinterest The Outsiders Quotes The Outsiders How To Memorize Things.


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Dallas: [sarcastically, in mock fright] Oh, my, my! You've got me scared to death.

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It would be a miracle if Dally loved anything.


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